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Artful Web Designs is very respectful of the information that you may provide us about yourself. We will never give away sell or use the information that you have given us for any other purpose other than for the purpose you have requested.

Examples of this type of use would be to send you purchased or contact you about products and/of services that you have purchased from us. We may also e-mail you if you have agreed to accept newsletters or other promotions from us. We will never e-mail you without your consent.

This site does use cookies to monitor traffic to our site so that we can better serve our customers. We collect information such as where you have linked from and what pages you look at while you are on our site. This information is completely anonymous and is use only to improve our services and our website to better meet the needs of our clients.

We know our greatest asset is you, our customer, and as such we hold you in high regard and will treat you with the utmost respect and curtsey.


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